“A fascinating read. It will provide you with an understanding of the driver’s mind at a deeper level than ever before.”

Ross Bentley, race driver, coach, author

In The Science of the Racer’s Brain Otto Lappi PhD and Alan Dove take what is known about the psychology and neuroscience of expert performance and ask: “how can we use this knowledge to better understand the skills and abilities of the racing driver?”

The book is fully referenced and illustrated with 32 figures. But this is no dry textbook! It conveys the authors’ passion for the art and science of motorsport and blends it with cutting-edge science to bring you, for the first time, the untold story of the racer’s brain.

“Really fascinating. Kind of a scary topic – but the book makes it very accessible.”

MotoPod, the Motorcycle Road Racing Podcast

“A great contribution to the literature.”

Gal Ziv PhD, Head of the Motor Behavior Laboratory at The Academic College at Wingate

“Well-written and accessible. A deep dive into an interesting topic.“

Ben Evans, RaceFans.net

“The biggest thing I get from reading it is how much there is to it, you really appreciate the skill even more.

Rob Gray PhD, Professor at Arizona State University

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